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For our client, world leader within sonar technology – Teledyne RESON Marine, HEGSØ is looking for a Senior Embedded Software Developer.

Company Profile:

Teledyne Marine is a world leader in supplying high-quality underwater acoustic solutions, underwater autonomous vehicles, navigation systems and software with global pre­sence and ser­vice facilities around the world. In the European part of Teledyne Marine, we are specialized in design, development, manufacturing, mar­keting and commissioning of advanced Multibeam sonar systems, Inertial Navigation Systems with Fiber Optic Gyro’s and soft­ware to manage sensors and systems and perform data processing. We operate in the hy­drographic, offshore, dredging, defense & security and marine re­search business areas.


The team support all sensor product lines from a shared software framework, delivering multiple embedded software systems based on same platform. The teamwork with logic/math execution in highly efficient C/C++ code, and mostly use Linux to run the embedded software.

The primary role as an engineer for embedded software requires that you can oversee and comprehend a complex system architecture, close to the hardware with software execution taking place under a Linux operating system and in embedded systems running in FPGA micro-kernels or various micro controllers.

It is important that you lean more towards the hardware side of software execution than to the PC side. We are running Linux operating systems inside our sensors, but they are highly embedded and stripped down to assure good real time performance, and if need be, for hard real-time performance, we run schedulers on top like Xenomai. The software is critical for timing and data throughput; hence a solid understanding of hardware and software execution is required.

Core competencies:

  • Embedded software development experience: highly skilled
  • Experience with a complete life cycle of an embedded software system
  • Proficient in C and/or C++
  • Knowledge of modern OS coding techniques, IP protocols, and hardware interfaces
  • Expert level knowledge of Linux OS architecture and components

Key responsibilities:

  • Embedded Software engineer for a specific product line as primary responsibility, that will be “yours” to manage
  • Development of Embedded Software and Firmware solutions in our Sonar and Navigation products more broadly, depending on skills various roles may fit you
  • Active part of the team, also with the hardware engineers throughout projects related to FPGA boards, data acquisitions, up/downstream communication, how to manage massive data throughput through hardware and software
  • Develop embedded software in C / C++, implement the ‘heart’ of our sensors systems by integrating the actual data input streams, sensor command and control and UI communication into one coherent system
  • Communicate concepts and maintain dialogue with the rest of the development team, from downstream embedded software processing through the chain to UI systems
  • Ensure software meets all requirements of quality, security, modifiability, extensibility etc.
  • Evaluate and communicate potential software architecture problems
  • Propose improvements in software architecture of existing software
  • Keep up with the latest technology and tools, keep the software development level standards high

Educational level:

Software development Engineering or similar.


You are fluent in English in writing and speaking.

If you want to know more, please contact:

Anders Hegelskov, HEGSØ Search & Consulting, Phone: +45 3035 6405 – Mail:

Virksomhed: Subsea Technology
Stilling: Senior Embedded Software Developer
Status: Case Closed
Lokation: Danmark København Nordsjælland Slangerup

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