We use proven methods in our Executive Search approach. The individual steps are described here:

  1. Based on the information we have received from the customer, we prepare the job and candidate profile including the description of the company, the role and the ideal candidate for the position. This profile serves two purposes: to confirm that we have a mutual understanding of the search assignment, and to allow potential candidates to reflect on the position and be well prepared for a potential interview.
  2. Then we start our tailor-made search process. We build a detailed and comprehensive list of relevant companies and industries where the potential candidates for the positions could be. At the same time, we search our databases and through our extensive network to explore all possibilities.
  3. At first we establish discreet telephone contact with all prospective candidates to investigate their relevance and interest in the job opportunity. Relevant candidates who express their interest are invited to a personal interview where their skills, competencies, strengths and general impressions are evaluated and compared to the requirements to successfully perform in the job. At this stage, relevant candidates will receive a copy of the profile describing the company and the position.
  4. Based on the in-depth interviews, we select the best qualified candidates to be presented to the client. We prepare a written briefing on each candidate that describes the candidate's background, skills, strengths and experience.
  5. Once the process has entered its final phase, we will check references on one or two final candidates.
  6. Finally, when negotiating salary package and contractual terms with the selected candidate, HEGSØ is available and will help you and the candidate reach the best possible solution.
  7. Once the new employee has worked in the position for 3 and 6 months, we follow up to ensure that both parties' expectations are met.
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