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At HEGSØ, we know that professional and industrial insight is rewarding. That's why we work in the industries, markets and sectors we understand.

With more than 25 years of experience in the industrial sector, and experience with headhunting of specialists and managers since 2012, industrial leader and specialist profiles, for the engineering industry, are our absolute specialty.

If your new specialist, manager or director needs a technical/industrial profile, HEGSØ is ready to offer competent advice and an effective, value-adding solution.

We make sure that the candidates have the right skills, strengths and competencies and we always work in close contact with the companies and organizations we work for. We know that it is your insights that are crucial to the hiring of the right person.

HEGSØ Search & Consulting is validly qualified for EU tenders, through the qualification scheme Achilles Utilities NCE and part of Ocean Plastic Forum, working on developing technologies and business models for the collection and recycling of plastics from the sea, rivers, coasts, ports and waters globally.

This is how it is to collaborate with HEGSØ

Why work with HEGSØ?

Our cooperation with our clients is always based on mutual trust.

When we work for a client, we have exclusivity on the assignment, we understand the client, the task, the industry and the market, and we work only in the client's interests. 

We find candidates who contribute to the top and bottom line, who contribute to professionalism and who contribute positively to job well-being.

We help to place the best candidate for the job and for the client, and we evaluate the candidate based on skills, motivation, development potential and personality, as well as match between candidate and company culture.

From our client launches a search mission until the client and the candidate has signed an employment contract, it takes 6-8 weeks.

Ethical guidelines

We only accept tasks we can solve.
We always work in the interests of the client.
We follow up structured throughout the process.
We guarantee independence.
We are ambassadors for our clients.
We only work for our clients.
We do what we say and say what we do.

Our Team

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